Helping Contact Centers with technology choices.

Our Focus

Artificial Intelligence for Voice and Chat


AI (Artificial Intelligence) can come in different forms and the voice path and chat bots are two I focus on.  Stop building IVRs or having your agents do work that the technology can handle.  Bots, AIVR, RPA, Cognitive is all within modern technology and available today. 

Contact Center Technology


Whether you need voice only, Omni Channel or WFM/WFO I can help you find the right partner. You may not even know what contact center tech you need but don't worry...I can help.  I have no allegiance to any particular tech on purpose but I know most costs to building this tech so I can help navigate to find your best choice for your needs and budget.

Big Data for the Customer Experience


All though our industry has always focused on data such as FCR, SPH, and all kinds of average time measures for our KPIs, we have yet to leverage big data as a whole.  What really is big data for the contact center industry?  Have you ever thought about how to leverage Big Data solutions in the contact center?  This is the glue that can hold it all together and make your data actionable.

My I have a dream talk

Check out this great video or read the article if you don't want to hear my voice anymore :)  

About Us


20 year + contact center industry veteran with over 12 years focused on technology solutions

I have been in the contact center technology space both domestically and internationally offering tried and true technology like blended calling solutions.  Throughout this though I was always on the lookout for game changing tech and I have finally found it.  I actually found it quite a few years ago however the market was not ready.  

AI or artificial intelligence seems to be the talk of the industry but it is now ready for prime-time and I want to help technology companies and the contact centers themselves find the right solution to change their customer experience.

Since I have been the agent, trainer and manager of a contact center and I have also spent a tremendous amount of time inside the technology providers in both the operations and sales and marketing side of the company, I know both sides of the technology acquisition story.  This gives me a tremendous understanding of how both sides can work together to make a normally painful experience feel easy.

I will also help with your other contact center technology selections however it will not be as much fun. (Inbound, outbound, IVR, chat/SMS/MMS, CRM, Omni Channel, in the Cloud, hybrid or on Premise....whatever other tech you can think of)  

AI is the future of the contact center industry and I want to help make it a reality for you.


Not all AI is AI! Not all Companies are ready for it either.

The contact center has always been on the front line of the customer experience but nothing new has come along since I started in the industry 20 plus years ago.  Truly the tech has remained pretty stale.  Yes, chat, SMS/MMS and social media have come along but the Omni Channel approach is just really another means of communication.  AI (artificial intelligence) changes the game entirely enhancing and even replacing costs while increasing efficiency and improving the CX experience.  For once you can leverage a tool that with provide consistent, company approved communications that are set to give the exact customer experience you need to provide to maintain your customers.


Contact me today to discuss your project.

If you are even considering a move to AI you need someone who understands your business and knows that your customer experience depends on multiple technologies.  I can help guide you through the evaluation of AI as a tool.  It doesn't matter if you are a technology provider looking to expand your offering or as the actual Contact center owner who is considering directly implementing AI.  Send me a message and I will get back to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.